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Podcast Episode 1: Introduction to Feminist Law

Courtney Jones: Hello and welcome to the Feminist Law Podcast. I'm your co-host Courtney Jones.

Clara Topiol: And I'm your co-host Clara Topiol, with both co-founders of the Feminist Law Project and final year law students who are very passionate about feminism and the law.

Courtney Jones: In this podcast, we'll be discussing current affairs related to feminism and the law. We'll have interviews with law students, graduates, legal practitioners, and academics. You'll get to hear about what it's like working as a feminist lawyer, studying law as a feminist, and hear conversations about the latest developments in law and feminism.

Clara Topiol: At the end of each podcast, we'll provide you with a feminist news roundup, so you never miss a thing. Our podcast will be informative, educational, and conversational. So, if you'd like to casually learn about feminism and law on your drive home, your afternoon walks, or your commute on the tube, make sure to hit that subscribe button.

Courtney Jones: If you have any suggestions for this podcast, let us know directly via email at

Clara Topiol: Please also visit our website at and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up to date with our latest articles, podcasts, newsletters, and exciting news.

Courtney Jones: The music for this podcast was sourced from

Clara Topiol: Thanks for listening.


Transcribed by Gaia D'Arro

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